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Convention 101...

90th Annual Far West Ski Association Convention

June 15 - 18, 2023

Boise Centre
850 S Front Street, Boise, ID 83702

"Adventure Awaits in Boise"

Download the Convention 101 document



What is the FWSA Convention?

The Convention is the annual meeting of Far West Ski Association’s council and club leaders and members, along with ski resort sales and marketing personnel from all over the world, snowsports personalities and more! The Convention takes place in late May or early June, and is usually hosted by one of FWSA’s ten councils, at a property located within their respective regions.

What Happens at a Far West Convention?

Events include a silent auction & trade show, educational leadership panel sessions, meet and greet with ski personalities like Phil Mahre or Billy Kidd, and the awards banquet and dance.  There is also a business meeting on Sunday when officers are elected and other Association business takes place.  All of these events (and meals!) are included in your registration fee.  Also available (for an additional fee) are optional events such as the Thursday Night Pub Crawl, Michael German Memorial Golf Tournament, wine tours, and sometimes hiking, biking, kayaking or other specialty trips.  For 2023 there will be a Thursday Bike Tour or River Rafting, as well as a tour and lunch at Bogus Basin Ski Area.

I Just Joined a Club.  Can I Go To Convention?

Of course!  Everyone can go to Convention!  You don’t need to belong to a snowsports club to enjoy the FWSA Convention, but since most convention events are keyed toward snowsports club activities and leadership, a snowsports club member would benefit the most from his/her convention experience.

What is a Delegate?

“Delegate” is the term we use for snowsports club members or direct members who attend the Convention. There are voting delegates and non-voting delegates.

What is a Voting Delegate?

A “voting delegate” is a club member who is assigned by their club to vote during the FWSA business meeting, including officer elections, by-law changes, and resolutions.  Each club is eligible for a certain number of voting delegates, as determined by club size.  Clubs are free to use their own method to designate their voting dele-gates.  Delegates who are not appointed to be voting delegates are non-voting delegates.  An officer of your club needs to complete and submit the Convention Credentials Form in order for you to be a counted as a voting delegate.

What is a Non-Voting Delegate?

A non-voting delegate is any club delegate who is attending the Convention, but not appointed as a voting delegate.

How do I Become a Delegate?

It’s so easy!  You can sign up online on the FWSA Website.   Complete the forms, you can pay online or write a check, and either submit to your club president/delegate chairperson or send directly to the FWSA Convention Registrar.  That’s all there is to it!   You’re in!  Now make your hotel and plane reservations (if necessary), and you’ll be golden!

I’m Here-What Do I Do First?

First of all, check into your room, drop your luggage, and relax!  You’re here!  When you’re ready, head to the lobby and look for signs pointing to “FWSA Registration.”  If the Registration table is open, check in and get your packet and goody bag.  If not, you’ll meet lots of fellow conventioneers in the nearest bar while you wait!

I’m Registered – What’s Next?

Open your delegate booklet and look for the schedule of events.  This is extremely important!  You’ll want to note when transportation for the optional events is departing, when things like the Silent Auction starts, when meals and free beverages are served, etc.  Also find your coupon book.  This has the tickets that get you into the events.  DON’T LOSE YOUR DELEGATE OR COUPON BOOKS!  WRITE YOUR NAME ON BOTH!  Now the fun begins!

Thursday Night “Pub Crawl” (extra cost)

This event is SO much fun.  Folks from throughout the ski industry always arrived on Thursday (because of the fun activities on Fridays) with nothing to do.  In 1997, NWSCC invented the Thursday night “pub crawl” and it’s been a tradition ever since.  Ski industry and ski club revelers participate in this Thursday night gathering – it’s a great way to start convention weekend for clubbers and industry.

Optional Activities (extra cost)

Don’t miss your bus!  Whether you’re golfing, kayaking, savoring wine or some other activity, the optional activities are the best way to enjoy some fun “down-time” with the industry.  They really have a great time at these events because they don’t have to have their “game faces” on (not until Silent Auction, anyway!), and really enjoy getting to know ski club members one-on-one.  So have fun!  And don’t forget to thank them…they may have sponsored your event!

Friday Silent Auction and Trade Show

Show up early for this event and collect your free beverage.  This event is open to the public and is a great time to gather information about the individual resorts or products our industry is sharing and what the heck—buy a ski vacation or two or other great items at the Silent Auction.  You will find industry participants you do not get to meet at any other event.  Trip planners, especially - bring an information sheet with information about you and your club and the type of trips you take to give to the representatives.  This is your chance to collect information and brochures about ski areas your club (or you) would like to visit.  In addition, you can speak with tour operators who have pre-planned trips or would work with you to set up your own ski club trip. 

Saturday – Business!

Saturday begins with a brief business meeting, including introductions of FWSA officers and other VIPs, as well as a call for interested parties to indicate their interest in running for FWSA board positions.  Then we recess for…

Panel Sessions

Here’s where you can really learn the nuts and bolts of running a snowsports club, or some aspects of it. Knowledgeable club leaders are there to provide information and share resources with you to help you be a better club member.  Other club members are there with ideas and suggestions, too.  It’s a great, round-table way to learn more about clubs.  There will be a number of different panel sessions on Saturday, so check the schedule carefully.  Sometimes you might want to be in two places at once, so your club might want to make sure that there is someone else from your club to cover overlapping sessions of interest. 


After lunch, the guest speakers, and more panel sessions, it’s time for Council Caucuses.  Each council meets in a different room, and all candidates for all open FWSA offices are given time to make campaign speeches and answer questions from club members.  After the candidates depart, open discussion on the candidates’ pros and cons takes place.  This provides valuable education that helps us all be informed voters on Sunday.

Saturday Night Awards Banquet

The biggest party of all!  This banquet will honor ski industry personnel and club members alike.  FWSA awards are presented, as well as the Council Volunteer of the Year award.  There’s usually a theme, so use your imagination (for 2022 it’s Black Tie and Blue Jeans)!  After dinner, a band will be there so that you can rock the night away.  There may even be an “après party” going on somewhere - keep your ears and eyes open!

Eye Opener Party

Behaved yourself on Saturday night, did you?  Or you don’t need much sleep (or face it, you’re a glutton for punishment)?  Then this event is for you.  Starting at 7 a.m. and lasting until 8 a.m., you can  help yourself to some morning beverages (including coffee, tea, Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas), fruit and muffins, and say hello to the day with many of your fellow convention buddies.  Fortify yourself for the business meeting!

Sunday Business Meeting

Now for the most important part of the convention—elections!!  Every year, the offices of president, secretary and treasurer must be voted upon.  Functional VP’s (which include membership, international travel, North American travel, marketing, communications, council services, and public affairs) are chosen for 2-year terms (these are split, so not all offices are being voted upon at one time).  There are 2 positions on the FWSA board of trustees to be filled.  Additionally, voting may take place on by-law changes and resolutions.  It’s important you are there for these important decisions, especially if you are a voting delegate.

If you are interested in running for a position
 Gloria Raminha
Nominations & Elections Chair


You may stand up at the microphone and announce yourself as a candidate.


And don’t forget—they’ll be announcing the location of next year’s convention.  You’ll have just enough time to recover from this one!


More questions?  Contact:  Jenn Coutts
   Host Convention Chairman



Online Registration is OPEN.

Book your lodging by May 22, 2023 to secure your room.

We look forward to seeing you in Boise, ID, June 15-18, 2023.